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  • The Snowman

    The Snowman


    This may actually be the worse Hollywood movie I have ever seen.

    The Snowman is a series of gorgeous images drowning in a sea of incompetence.

  • My Friend Dahmer

    My Friend Dahmer


    This movie is at war with itself.

    While I did enjoy the second half much more, the first half has a weird direct to video American Pie vibe and far too many ATOMIC WEDGIES for my taste. Add to that some pretty inappropriate jokes ("you know I prefer dark meat") and Anne Heche acting like Karen from Will and Grace on speed, and you get a pretty unimpressive intro to this movie.

    There is a clunky shift in tone and…

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  • Listen to Me Marlon

    Listen to Me Marlon


    This isn't a documentary; it is a eulogy delivered by a ghost.

    It contains no new interviews because it is pieced together entirely from self hypnosis tapes that Brando had been making for decades.

    This movie is truly one of a kind and feels more like a Terrence Malick film than a celebrity biopic.

    And to make the whole affair even more surreal, it is presided over and narrated by his disembodied CGI head.

  • The Assignment

    The Assignment

    Imagine if the director of The Warriors made a movie in which Michelle Rodriguez plays the toughest male assassin ever and he is kidnapped then forced to undergo a surgery that makes him into a sexy lady.

    NOW STOP IMAGINING because the director of The Warriors did make this hot mess of a movie and I just saw it at TIFF. This movie is beyond terrible but so very entertaining, we literally giggled and elbowed each other the whole movie…