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  • The Other Side of the Wind

    The Other Side of the Wind


    Oh my, this movie is filled with lots of big ideas and references to Orson Welles's life and surroundings. Years in the making, we can definitely call this end result a swan song.

    Welles once described the movie as this: "The Other Side of the Wind is divided into two sections. There is the film, which is made by documentary cameramen, which is the story of the last day of the director’s life. And there is the film, which is…

  • Night of the Living Dead

    Night of the Living Dead


    Fifty years later we are so familiar with the horror tropes, it is hard to imagine how it would be to watch Night of the Living Dead without any knowledge on zombies. We know the kid will change into a zombie because she's injured. We know the man on the graveyard is undead. We know what it takes to kill them.

    But in 1968, no one knew. In this movie we are trapped in a house with a group of…

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  • Come and See

    Come and See


    Silence at the small cinema where Come and See just had been shown. A sigh of relief.

    We’ve just watched childlike innocence disappear before our very eyes. In 2,5 hours the impact of WWII in Belarus gets worse and worse. We can clearly see it on the face of the young Fljora. Life gets knocked out of his eyes more and more after every scene until he is completely empty. It’s a descent into madness and dehumanization.

    There are shots…

  • Psycho



    Om te beginnen een biecht. Afgezien van The Birds had ik nooit eerder een film van Hitchcock gezien. Dat gaat als zelfbenoemd filmliefhebber aan je knagen, maar aan de andere kant: ik heb nog enorm veel klassiekers tegoed. Zo zag ik voor het eerst Psycho.

    De film is een uitstapje van Hitchcock naar het horrorgenre, al begint de horror volgens de regisseur pas 'na de film, wanneer je in het donker in de auto zit'. Wel is Psycho onomstotelijk een…