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  • The Fog

    The Fog


    "...this is going to sound a little strange...I just feel like talking, that's all...something did happen once...in case you've forgotten it's April 21 and a happy 100th birthday for Antonio Bay...we honor our founding fathers...this town should be proud of its past...Blake's gold...leper colony only a mile distant...clipper ship called the Elizabeth Dane...the six conspirators...off Spivey Point...God had no part in our actions tonight...this town has a curse on it...witching hour...feel like listening to some music...This is KAB...that's just the…

  • The Last Wave

    The Last Wave


    Modern law. Tribal law. Nature’s law.

    It’s been raining constantly for about six months now. It’s raining right now. Incessant. Unseasonal. After the events of the past few years there is something even more immediate to this mystery delve. This film is so wet that you can hear the frogs croak, peer in secret blasphemy at conventions of fox weddings, seasonally distorted by the madness of cabin fever and supernatural sensitivity to various plague and phenomena. Sometimes I feel this…

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  • Big Little Lies

    Big Little Lies


    Just rating/logging the (season 1) miniseries, but watching S2 as well.

    E1-4: 2/5
    E5-7: 3.5/5

    Disliked it initially (gossipy pick-up mums is such an alien scene to me yet I still imagined that small world politic would be made more accessibly involving than it initially narrowly was). Liane Moriarty isn’t my type of writer, and the scenario probably needed an above-it chief protagonist to satirically work. Still, it’s Jean-Marc Vallee’s signature dir-editing with a fantastic main cast (some of whom…

  • Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives

    Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives


    Yep, by far the best to this point in the series, an applause for Tom McLoughlin who impressively rides the bump into more overtly supernatural and titular Jason. Comedy-horror (particularly of the undead variety) was coming into its own in the mid 80s and Jason Lives is an influential example, really in the zone as an assured keyed-in funny horror. Heaps of gags, a lot of justifiable Jason kills, mounting self-awareness, quality giddily storyboarded direction and winsome cast, even a…

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  • Match Point

    Match Point


    Match Point is everything I was hoping, and more. Woody serves up arguably his most delightfully rich genre reinvention, kind of like a reimagining of A Place in the Sun with a dash of Crime & Punishment.

    Match Point is a curious cross-reference of influences. It has the bedrock of a Woody Allen film. The emotional energy and relationship betrayal of a Hitchcockian dark thriller. And a sliver of Barry Lyndon Irish rogue penetration of high society to it. Most of…

  • Boyz n the Hood

    Boyz n the Hood


    If you watch this film without a stupid foolish-looking knowing grin plastered on your face, there is something wrong with you. The match up of script, acting and direction here is sublime, creating an unbelievable sense of truth. John Singleton really hits this one out of the park.

    This film also has one of Fishburne's very best roles.

    You can just feel its palpable influence over urban music to come. It's all here, all the truth and all the myth.…