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  • The Game

    The Game


    The Game is that frustrating case of a near masterpiece. As much as I adore the taut genius of Fincher's cinematic prowess, the story progression grows tedious in practice, weighing down a high-class existentialism showcase which will still be relished many decades from now.

    Douglas is, naturally, perfectly cast, as the bedeviled, loner protagonist. Deeply rich, numbed, heartless, Douglas is subversively a damsel in distress. We know enough about him to play him, to inhabit him, to empathise with his…

  • The Best of Kylie Minogue

    The Best of Kylie Minogue


    Whilst the criteria of UK Top 5 hits selectively constitutes the bulk of this latterly-minded package of Kylie's "Best", harshly omitting a number of memorable hits and iconic videos, this nevertheless proves a charming reminder of her pop adaptability, astute ingenuity and winsome presentation. As an internationalist playlist of Kylie's appeal, it does the trick. She knows how to situate herself with period-defining vogue and timeless hook, and her ready-made acting skills and increasingly knowing vibe married well with pop…

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  • A History of Violence

    A History of Violence


    A couple years ago, this film was firmly in my Top 50. I haven't seen the film for a couple years now, and by the time I did my top 100 Letterboxd list, this was no where in sight. I've decided this film requires a rewatch.

    This film is a delight from Cronenberg. It mixes various little film influences together into a great little story. But the film wouldn't work without the acting. Mortensen gives one of his best ever…

  • Gravity



    Believe the hype.

    Gravity has been earmarked in many ways as the 'next Avatar' for quite a while now, in terms of changing the game when it comes to the cinema experience. Plus, it comes with a strong pedigree. Children of Men was my film of the 2000s (actually my favourite film since my birth in '88), plus Cauron is a technically taut director capable at delivering transportive and magical universalist stories which appeal to the mainstream and art-house, young…