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  • Tootsie



    Despite dated and often problematic material, Tootsie proves a warmly effective, crowd-pleasing comedy. The struggling actor slice of life provides a witty springboard for the gender-bending splashabout to follow.

    Tootsie excels handsomely thanks to a charming cast. Hoffman (the rare star who could pull off this role, and take the audience with him) is a must-see sensation, and is surrounded by the quintessentially cast Jessica Lange, Teri Garr, Bill Murray, Sydney Pollack and Charles Durning. Geena Davis also makes an…

  • The Tale of the Princess Kaguya

    The Tale of the Princess Kaguya


    Original thoughts confirmed on second viewing.

    Decidedly Takahata's least successful Ghibli feature, but a soaring masterwork and inspiring throwback nonetheless. Whilst the narrative is only fitfully engaging (betraying the spell cast) and traced towards exorbitant length, there is no doubting this majestic achievement of epic proportions.

    Along with Miyazaki's The Wind Rises (but even more strikingly given the extended absence and stylistic declaration), I find myself utterly charmed by the swansong clarity from Ghibli's beloved co-founders, and profoundly elated that…

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  • A History of Violence

    A History of Violence


    A couple years ago, this film was firmly in my Top 50. I haven't seen the film for a couple years now, and by the time I did my top 100 Letterboxd list, this was no where in sight. I've decided this film requires a rewatch.

    This film is a delight from Cronenberg. It mixes various little film influences together into a great little story. But the film wouldn't work without the acting. Mortensen gives one of his best ever…

  • Gravity



    Believe the hype.

    Gravity has been earmarked in many ways as the 'next Avatar' for quite a while now, in terms of changing the game when it comes to the cinema experience. Plus, it comes with a strong pedigree. Children of Men was my film of the 2000s (actually my favourite film since my birth in '88), plus Cauron is a technically taut director capable at delivering transportive and magical universalist stories which appeal to the mainstream and art-house, young…