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  • Picnic at Hanging Rock

    Picnic at Hanging Rock


    An astonishing second viewing of a film which has always been anecdotally notorious to me as the historical event when my auntie severely scratched my mother's face during a cinema outing in their early teenage years, a poetically befitting afterglow worthy of the film's charged hysteria.

    Lost in the wilderness is the great Australian boogeyman, with the excruciating lateness of Burke and Willis the most legendary example, and Picnic at Hanging Rock encapsulates such scything disquiet. My earliest memory is…

  • The Chipmunk Adventure

    The Chipmunk Adventure


    Along with Fern Gully, undoubtedly the most watched film of my 90s childhood, and therefore nostalgia overdrive.

    The Chipmunk Adventure always brings me back to the excitement of an Easter '94 holiday on the Sunshine Coast (memorable firsts include airplane flight, bee sting, SeaWorld, cane toad encounter & Buderim easter egg hunt) and given I was already a geography nerd by then, this open world adventure deeply enchanted and inspired my imagination. All those distant locations I had been reading about…

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  • Soapdish



    Kevin Kline is his own genre. Everyone else is just passing through.

    I also find it bemusing that whilst protesters took to the streets that year to call out The Silence of the Lambs for its alleged transphobic depiction (a reading which I've never agreed with, although I can understand why some might out of frustration lash out at it for being 'problematic' (i.e. misunderstood by morons)), Soapdish came out that same year and very much is that, climaxes on…

  • The Lovely Bones

    The Lovely Bones


    Surely one of the most mistreated prestige films of the millennium.

    A film adapting a successful bestseller will always confront a hard act to follow, especially when you compound that with amply depicting the afterlife (a recurrent sinkhole for many an auteur). Compound that further with audience expectations of the serial killer genre: that the bad guy must be monstrous and caught; that the girl's remains must be found; that she must be a miserable victim after a grisly murder…

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  • A History of Violence

    A History of Violence


    A couple years ago, this film was firmly in my Top 50. I haven't seen the film for a couple years now, and by the time I did my top 100 Letterboxd list, this was no where in sight. I've decided this film requires a rewatch.

    This film is a delight from Cronenberg. It mixes various little film influences together into a great little story. But the film wouldn't work without the acting. Mortensen gives one of his best ever…

  • Gravity



    Believe the hype.

    Gravity has been earmarked in many ways as the 'next Avatar' for quite a while now, in terms of changing the game when it comes to the cinema experience. Plus, it comes with a strong pedigree. Children of Men was my film of the 2000s (actually my favourite film since my birth in '88), plus Cauron is a technically taut director capable at delivering transportive and magical universalist stories which appeal to the mainstream and art-house, young…