Evil Dead II

Evil Dead II ★★★½

Certainly a step up from its predecessor, a supremely confident and visceral showcase of B movie mayhem.

The direction, sound design and editing in this film is outstanding. The camera work is a treat. The various special effects, make-up and visual tricks used throughout are also a riot. The production design is clearly the most outstanding feature of the film, I really can not fault it. Raimi does a sensational job here, despite the often camp material which would be difficult to handle appropriately for most directors.

It is one of those films where if you are with friends and in a mood for hysterical laughter, this will be the best thing ever. My younger brother has the sense of humour that would make him a huge fan of this film.

That said, still like the first film it often covers tedious ground, and much of the film is somewhat unpalatable and monotonous. In terms of production, it is an outstanding film, and Bruce Campbell is excellent here. But outside of that, comedic horror isn't really my cup of tea.

That said, whilst the story is thin, I thought it was more strongly delivered. I liked the moments of flinching pathos, and the attempt at elliptical back story. It's still not a story to write home about, but this film uses it more effectively.

Outstanding production and great step up from the first film. But it's still weighted down by the material. Probably a masterpiece when laughing along with friends, but by yourself it's just a beautifully presented squirm rollercoaster.

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