GoodFellas ★★★★½

Goodfellas is a funny old film.

It's so brilliantly directed and absolutely fails to be boring (the editing and directing, oh man). I really really really like this film...but I don't love it.

This is because I just don't care about any of these characters, even Bracco's character. Even Jake La Motta draws more audience sympathy (and that is really saying something). Liotta is the personification of an untrustworthy face, so when you cast him as the lead, an aorta between viewer and film is instantly severed. It might also be that sprawling good-times decades narrative that unravels like a ball of yawn, and has been aped incessantly ever since.

But all that aside, every second of Goodfellas is entertainment. Martin Scorsese did a really good job here. Also, I have seen this film maybe twice over the last decade, and yet on rewatch every line and every scene came back to me. I last watched this about 5 years ago, just before getting into The Sopranos, so I was shocked to find that poor boy was actually Michael Imperioli. It's funny to notice that basically anyone who appeared in this film for a fleeting second has been living off it ever since, and found a home when The Sopranos came along.

I love Taxi Driver and Raging Bull. I really like The King of Comedy. Goodfellas is the latter. But welcome to my all-time list. It makes cash look like butter.

PS - Has there ever been a better floating heads poster?

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