The Great Beauty

The Great Beauty ★★★★


The Great Beauty is beautiful and ugly at the same time, an ostentatious extravaganza on existence. Rome is framed here as a fantasy, a city that has been in decay for over a millennium and the high society desperately hanging on to its former glory. Rome knows how to throw a party, but is a city of hedonists set adrift. There are no roots in Rome.

The fluid camera movements in this film are very divine, the direction and cinematography make this a must-see on the big screen, where one can soak up all its richness. However, the film like a lot of its type stumbles around for 2.5 hours and is more adept at saying what is not than what is, to the point of yawns and sore bottoms. This felt really long, it is too ponderous. You almost feel the ghost of the Colosseum in their late night indulgences, as if their proximity to it haunts them through their extravagant ugliness. Rome is haunted.

A Rome film for the Berlusconi era.

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