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  • Conflict



    Creep Bogart has it BAD for Evelyn, she’s everything he wants. Only problem is, he’s married to her older sister Katherine! No, this is not the TWO MRS. CARROLLS, it just seems the same. This one does a great job adding doubt to the whole mystery as Bogart spirals with his choices. The ending was a bit hokey, but not enough to take away from his journey.

  • West of Memphis

    West of Memphis


    About as good of a wrap up on the West Memphis Three that you could ask for. There are some things that bug me. They paint a villain as hard as the prosecutors painted the Three, which seems wrong headed. Also, while not really exploited, we see pictures of the three dead kids way too much. That said, it’s worth a watch even if you have seen the (superior) PARADISE LOST trilogy since the rambling theories of that series are absent here, as well as this documentary having the benefit of some hindsight.

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  • Cannibal Holocaust

    Cannibal Holocaust


    It feels wrong to call this a classic, but it really is. It’s offensive, horrific, gross, and leaves you feeling almost despondent. Which means it absolutely succeeds in it’s goal in a way few films ever have. This was my 4th time watching it and it hasn’t lost any of it’s impact. It’s a real shame that they had to have animal cruelty in it. I can’t imagine the movie will ever have a better presentation than what GRINDHOUSE RELEASING has done with this blu-ray. If you’re a fan, it’s a must own.

  • Bloodsuckers from Outer Space

    Bloodsuckers from Outer Space


    The opening sequence is great. A farmer putters around the farm, a mysterious wind, it's full of melancholia and atmosphere. Then it goes for a gag. Then the 80’s jokey title and theme song starts and the film just plods along forever after. Horror-comedy is one of the toughest sub-genres to nail, yet every no-budget shithead seems to have given it a try. This one is ambitious, somewhat polished, but none of the jokes land and it ends up just being the dribbly shits to watch.