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  • My Way: The Life and Legacy of Pat Patterson

    My Way: The Life and Legacy of Pat Patterson


    055: Despite their weekly “product” still mostly being hot garbage, WWE still manages to knock things out of the park -admittedly with a bit of historic revision in some- when it comes to documentary profiles. This one on the life of legendary French Canadian wrestler Patterson who went from an amazingly successful in ring career to an even more legendary run in office being the number two person behind Vince McMahon himself in creative is a home run. It’s a…

  • Born to Kill

    Born to Kill


    038: Rewatched this one via NOIR ALLEY. Newly divorced Claire Trevor catches the eye of psychopath Lawrence Tierney in this perverted noir that holds up just fine. One of the more psycho-sexually explicit and violent noirs of the era, with Tierney almost being the Femme Fatale trope/role. Well worth checking out.

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  • The Girl from Pussycat

    The Girl from Pussycat


    200: A girl gang robs a bank in this sexploiation film, only they mostly spend the time doing pants-on softcore hijinx. There’s elements to this that show that with a bit more gumption they could have made a fun no-budget movie. Sadly it’s poorly shot, possibly ineptly edited (hard to tell based on a print transfer) and mostly endless scenes of grinding to a classical music soundtrack that just drags the movie into the barely watchable territory. Hats off to…

  • Louis Theroux: Shooting Joe Exotic

    Louis Theroux: Shooting Joe Exotic


    199: Pretty much the last thing anyone probably wants to watch is more Tiger King, but this one is excellent. Before the Netflix series had the world thinking Carol Baskin fed her husband to a tiger, Louis Theroux visited Joe’s zoo in 2011. This documentary has Theroux revisiting the people involved after getting a letter from Joe in prison. It made for a fascinating, lowkey look at the story as we know it where people involved get to talk openly…

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  • Saga of ‘The Beastmaster’

    Saga of ‘The Beastmaster’


    183: Well done documentary on the making of the film with interviews with most of the principles involved. There’s overlap between this one and the new Vinegar Syndrome “Chronicles” since there’s only so many stories to be told but hats off to Beastmaster having two decent making of docs to watch.

  • Cannibal Holocaust

    Cannibal Holocaust


    It feels wrong to call this a classic, but it really is. It’s offensive, horrific, gross, and leaves you feeling almost despondent. Which means it absolutely succeeds in it’s goal in a way few films ever have. This was my 4th time watching it and it hasn’t lost any of it’s impact. It’s a real shame that they had to have animal cruelty in it. I can’t imagine the movie will ever have a better presentation than what GRINDHOUSE RELEASING has done with this blu-ray. If you’re a fan, it’s a must own.