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  • Nocturnal Animals

    Nocturnal Animals


    I try to keep these reviews vague plot wise which makes this one hard to review. Amy Adams reads a book, and we see the effect of fiction on reality. It’s much more interesting than that. The fiction story would be a (and is) a great film on it’s own, the Amy Adams stuff where as an older woman questioning the circumstances of her life, and the reality of her own existence, is interesting too. It’s good, worth a watch.

  • The Sniper

    The Sniper


    An INCEL gets so frustrated he starts sniping women. No this isn’t about that guy from yesterday, this one is a near 70 year old film! It’s incredibly progressive, linking underlying mental illness to these issues and urging for more psychiatric care in treatment of violent criminals. It’s also a disturbing watch, playing more like TAXI DRIVER as we follow the sniper through his routine and seeing him get madder and madder at women, women who don’t actually do anything other than show him politeness. It’s enraging that this shit is STILL an issue. A noir that bombed out THEN, but worth a watch NOW.

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  • The Hunted

    The Hunted


    This is one of those noirs with a clever plot, some fine craftsmanship and boring leads that never quite jell. A cop is obsessed with a woman he put away for 4 years that may have been innocent. It’s a great plot, and they keep it ambiguous. Bealita is mostly fine as the figure skater possible criminal (I’m not making that up) but Preston Foster as the cop is dull as bricks and makes the first half feel like a slog.

  • Sex Hunter

    Sex Hunter


    A young ballerina is accepted by a diva for private tutelage in her secluded castle. The young ballerina is then subjected to all kinds of sexual abuse. It’s another Roman Porno, and consensual-absent abuse aside, it’s actually quite good. If this was a shot on tape 80’s porno it would be garbage, but there’s so much care and craft involved in this one with a tone where it almost plays like a surreal horror,it’s hard not to get swept up in it despite how ridiculous some of it gets.

    Things really do go better with coke.

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  • Cannibal Holocaust

    Cannibal Holocaust


    It feels wrong to call this a classic, but it really is. It’s offensive, horrific, gross, and leaves you feeling almost despondent. Which means it absolutely succeeds in it’s goal in a way few films ever have. This was my 4th time watching it and it hasn’t lost any of it’s impact. It’s a real shame that they had to have animal cruelty in it. I can’t imagine the movie will ever have a better presentation than what GRINDHOUSE RELEASING has done with this blu-ray. If you’re a fan, it’s a must own.

  • Wonder Women

    Wonder Women


    A gang of women are kidnapping viral young men for their gorgeous leader to do transplants with. A hunk adventurer insurance man is sent to figure it out. It all sounds like a softcore feature, but it’s a legit action adventure with a side of mad scientist that does the rare thing of actually delivering. Shot in the Philippines, it’s certainly goofy and cheap, but it’s got nearly non-stop action and a bevy of beauties to keep you entertained.