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  • Crawl



    “Apex predator all day.”

    A movie that is so perfectly structured it should be taught in film classes everywhere. It’s like someone put Alien & Jaws in a blender with a Florida Man™️ headline. One scene reminded me of Alien: Isolation sooo much I had to turn to my friend and whisper: I FUCKING LOVE THIS MOVIE. Watch it in theaters I cannot stress this enough it’s so fucking fun.

  • Only with Your Partner

    Only with Your Partner


    “Se le ve la belleza interior desde afuera!”

    It’s funny, it’s sad and the production design and art direction are to die for. I definitely think some jokes don’t translate as well so I understand some people’s frustrations with this movie, but my godddd do I love seeing the debuts of film giants! Would give this 100 stars out of 5 for the microwave scene alone.

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  • The Favourite

    The Favourite


    O                                            H
    M                                            Y
    G                    O                      D
    T           H               E             Y
    A                     R                    E
    G       O         N         N         A
    H          A               V              E
    T                                             O
    SP                  L                     IT
    T                    H                     E
    I   N   T   O    T    H   R   E   E
    P I E C E S    B E C A U S E
    F              U              C            K

  • Thelma



    my life?????? SAVED. I walked out of the theater believing I had powers. Is this what little boys feel when they walk out of Avengers?