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  • The Great Beauty

    The Great Beauty


    “A family’s a beautiful thing.”
    “I know. But I’m not cut out for beautiful things.”

    Oof. Existential crisis, anyone?

  • Passion



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Split screens, venetian blinds and warping realities! My favorite part is that they never reveal what city this all takes place in and all of a sudden everyone just starts speaking German?! Hell yeah. Also, I can’t tell if Noomi Rapace is a bad actress or just terribly miscast or her performance in a way is lost in translation.

    Anyway, Rachel McAdams—ACADEMY AWARD.

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  • The Favourite

    The Favourite


    O                                            H
    M                                            Y
    G                    O                      D
    T           H               E             Y
    A                     R                    E
    G       O         N         N         A
    H          A               V              E
    T                                             O
    SP                  L                     IT
    T                    H                     E
    I   N   T   O    T    H   R   E   E
    P I E C E S    B E C A U S E
    F              U              C            K

  • Thelma



    my life?????? SAVED. I walked out of the theater believing I had powers. Is this what little boys feel when they walk out of Avengers?