Sunset Boulevard ★★★★★

"The stars are ageless, aren't they?"

That feeling. You know it, don't you? We've all been there. Your heartbeat quickens, your eyes widen, your breath slows. Hairs stand on end. It's as though you fade from reality, if only for a handful of fleeting yet transcendent moments as the frames burn themselves across every peak and valley of the mind. The reaction is unquestionable, utterly unstoppable. Emotional, chemical, something beyond. Whatever the hell it is, it's happening; the answers to your innermost cinematic cravings revealed—and satisfied—at last. The end credits roll, and it's then that you know you've seen what is to shortly become one of your new favorite motion pictures.

Billy Wilder's Sunset Boulevard is an enduring masterwork; a tragic, intensely human noir as tormented and haunted as it is ultimately disturbed. It's genuinely timeless, rich with brilliant artistry, vivid and crisp writing, and a host of phenomenal on-screen talents (Gloria Swanson delivers a towering performance up there with the greats). The film is a dominating, ingeniously crafted experience from beginning to end, unrivaled in many cinematographic regards. And it has, without question, immediately become a new all-time personal favorite of mine.

I genuinely cannot recommend Sunset Boulevard enough. There's just nothing else like it, and there may never be for as long as the art form exists. An incomparable classic through and through.

"All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up."

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