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  • Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman


    unfortunately, not a good movie.

  • Logan



    Old, angry, pissed-off wolverine beating the shit out of a pickup truck is perhaps my favourite scene in all the X-Men movies.

    I very much enjoyed the "darker" nature of this movie. Less shiny, more gritty. More swearing. More blood, cuts, and piercings.

    Written as a satisfying send-off to the the generation of actors that carried us from 2000's X-Men through to now.

    Cleverly set in the future, but didn't go out of its way to make things future-y. I hold out hope that they could always inject another movie into the timeline between now and 2030. Never say never!

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  • Senna



    When Ayrton Senna describes winning a race like taking a powerful drug, you really believe him. Race after race, as he stands on the first place podium pouring champagne over himself, he has a look of pure ecstasy on his face. He loved Motorsport and he loved winning.
    His team doctor recollected Senna's humility being so rare amongst race drivers, and you can sense his personal and professional growth as the film progresses. It drew me in and left me gutted knowing where it ended.

  • Aliens



    This movie is so great, I'm amazed I never saw it growing up. Modern action movies can't keep my attention like this one could, and this was the extended edition. I'm not sure what was left out in the theatrical cut, but each scene in this seemed essential.
    Also, now I finally understand the context of "they mostly come at night... mostly".