The Sea of Trees

The Sea of Trees ★★★★★

Sometimes, a film just feels like it is speaking to you.

In 2015, I had a life changing experience: my beautiful 2 year old daughter was diagnosed with leukaemia. The moment we were told by the doctors, I felt as if the floor gave way underneath me. It was an out of body experience I cannot describe, brought about from shock and grief.

It's now August 2017, and my daughter is still here, fighting a brave battle. I have had to be brave for her, or at least wear a mask of bravery. My emotions and thoughts flip from one minute to the next: I'm grateful for her still being here, and terrified of the possibility of losing her.

I also look back now and think about the 2 years before her diagnosis and think about how I acted. I am proud to say, I've always been a loving father. But, like all parents, I guess I have some regrets. I should've played with her more, taken her to the park more regularly. I shouldn't have complained about the lack of sleep, or how many nappies I changed. If there is a positive to come out of the years since her illness, is that I now appreciate every second I have with her, and catch myself before I complain about the mundane.

The Sea Of Trees touches on this. I connected with the imagery and the emotions throughout the film. I can't for the life of me understand why this received such strong backlash. For me, it's beautiful .

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