Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★★

First of all I can totally get why people don’t love it.
There a people that think the first 2 acts suck and are slow. And there are people who think the first two acts are the best and the last act is jarring. And then there’s the seemingly smaller category wich I fit into,
Loving the whole picture from slow and purposeful to insane and goofy.

The way I see the film with the jarring tonal shift is more or less part of Rick Daltons arc. He dosnt fit in anymore and Hollywood is changing and evolving. The way I see it, the tonal shift in the third act is Rick accepting the tonal shift in Hollywood finally and allowing himself to change. This is why he finally gets the recognition he deserves with the neighbours. 

But at the end of the day I love how honest it feels at the end, reminding us that we are watching a film and a fairy tale. In this universe Sharron Tate survives. I love that Tarantino wanted to send a message with this film as while all of his films are good/great only a select few feel like they mean something other than liking old movies and blood. 

I think the way he approached this film was with even more love than some previous films. This feels like what he always wanted to do. And I think the evidence for this is in the way he made it. The man loves gore but because it wouldn’t suit the story he only included it in the scene it was important. I just can’t imagine him doing this in any of his other films that he wrote where he puts the story before the wacky shit

Side note

I watched this with my younger cousin who loves Tarintino and I kinda expected her to hate it for not being kill bill and to my suprise she really liked it.
I find it interesting that a teenager was able to sit through a 3 hour film without distractions when the boomer sat next to me in the cinema was more interested in his phone for the entire first part. When the film ended he said to his wife that it sucked was slow and confusing. Wow

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