Seven Samurai

Seven Samurai ★★★★★

I’m about to say what every cinephile would want to say. I just saw SEVEN SAMURAI in a Cinema.

And wow, a monumental achievement in filmmaking history and easily the best film I’ve ever seen in a theatre. 

To see the 3 and a half hour epic in a cinema with a crowd of people just as engaged as I was, wow, a beautiful moment.

When we left, me and my friend Dylan, who I saw the movie with, were left completely speechless by the masterpiece we had just seen on the big screen. Obviously a cinema experience isn’t required but wow, the final hour may be one of the most epic achievements in cinema history and watching on the big screen, one of the most intense watches of my life. This was truly the best experience I’ve had in a Cinema.

It’s the greatest action film ever made hands down, comparing it to even new releases shows just how embarrassing filmmaking today is. There isn’t a dull moment and the film manages to balance all these different tones in a way that feels so natural. We go from tragedy to comedy to epic repeatedly all within a few scenes, never feeling forced or unnatural.

So many modern action films have endless swarms of bad guys to kill to the point we are desensitised to the events. Even in action blockbusters I love like the newly released dune film, when all I can see on screen is endless things blowing up my mind tunes out. More than 10 minutes of action is usually enough to make me loose concentration but here…

Every death is a victory. The audience is constantly aware of how many of the 40 bandits have died and so every single action is significant to the victory.

I don’t like speaking in Objective terms but, I do believe this may be, objectively, one of if not The single greatest film of all time. Mabye not my personal favourite but from an entertainment standpoint, from a drama standpoint. A flawless movie plain and simple.


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