Manchester by the Sea ★★★★½

I think it’s the fear of living in the past tense that really struck a chord with me. It begins as the story of a man trying as hard as he fucking can to prevent grief from eating him whole, and somewhere along the way becomes the story of learning that sometimes that’s the only way grief works. And that’s okay. As deeply heartbreaking and immensely true as everything you’ve heard. Affleck is a revelation here; his posture alone holds more weight than half of last year’s performances. He’s a bubble waiting to burst and perhaps the hardest part is that he never does. You’ll see the sadness in his eyes as he shatters his bedroom window, as he looks for his parked car in sub-degree New England weather, as his voice breaks when he insists that his ex-wife doesn’t love him anymore... as he questions if he does either.

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