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    If you love slow films and Romania this film is for you! A boring film with no pay off, it ends just how you think it will. The acting is mediocre at best. Directors, please for the love of God STOP DOING DREAM SEQUENCES to trick the audience. They are so overused and cheap. This is my new crusade. No more fake dreams!!!!! They just waste time and the audience's patience. Fuck. The only good thing about this film was…

  • Spencer



    First off that shower was dope, I need to get one. Get rid of the monarchy already, I am sick of hearing about it. Thankfully Kristen Stewart is in this. She gives a profound performance, let's get her an Oscar already. The plot is fine enough, just hard to get into something as archaic as the monarchy. I love the way this was shot, it is hard to explain, but I enjoyed it. Because of that and Stewart this film is mostly fantastic.

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  • The Father

    The Father


    I wish there were two awards for best actor this year. Boseman and Hopkins are both so great. The Father is the best film I have ever seen dealing with Alzheimer's, it isn't even close. By sending the viewer through the point of view of Hopkins we are able to get a sense of confusion and helplessness. Coleman is great, as usual, but Hopkins is on another level here, probably the best he has ever been, and I swore I…

  • Arrival



    Covid Quarantine Marathon Movie #9: This film is a near masterpiece. It is loaded with so much. Understanding, cooperation, trauma, fear, I could go on and on. Adams deserved more recognition for this role. The language aspect of this is fascinating. The cast is stacked. The cinematography is stunning and the screenplay is outstanding. Top-notch film in all aspects.