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  • Alex Strangelove

    Alex Strangelove


    I had no anticipation for this film going in, the trailers made the film look uninspired and generic as hell. But I’m happy to report that isn’t the case. Alex Strangelove is a surprisingly sensitive film that faithfully portrays the journey of discovering one’s sexual identity. It’s not without its juvenile moments or cliches, but much like Love, Simon, it’s written in such an emotionally perceptive way that it didn’t bother me. If you’re feeling down or just want to check out an LGBT flick, I highly recommend this as it put a giant smile on my face and warmed my heart all the same.

  • Who Shot You?

    Who Shot You?


    Very impressed with this short film! Tyler has had some growing to do in terms of technical aspects (as all new filmmakers do) but it’s all nailed here. Lots of creative and memorable framing, free flowing and fluent camera movements, sharp sound design etc. Gage Lakhanpal and Jalen Wilson - Nelem both give great performances. Their on screen chemistry felt really genuine and they approached the dramatic beats with complete ease. Tyler himself also makes an appearance and he was…

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  • The Open House

    The Open House

    Imagine Hereditary but it’s generated by a computer instead.

  • Grease



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Grease - Sexist or Feminist?

    Gender Politics revisionists have been rather mixed on Grease in the last decade or so. Many have argued that the idea of Sandra D changing everything about herself to win Danny’s heart is an inherently dangerous message, and I agree, it certainly is toxic. But I don’t think the movie is supporting it either. In fact I’d argue the film is critiquing the social hierarchy of the 50’s. 

    To use Sandy’s regressive arc as the…