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This review may contain spoilers.

Realized today how dim the older theatres' projectors are around here, because I feel like I'm watching Midsommar - a movie I've now seen 4 times - for the first time ever, on my own TV which does this movie's colors true justice. This movie is STUNNINGLY beautiful. 

I'd like the director's cut on blu ray soon; for some reason the longer cut feels better paced. It's all well and good though: Christian is a fucking asshole in both cuts and it's absolutely wonderful watching him get his.

A unique horror movie, full of "wait, what was that?" moments and invitations to look deeper. And it is unique. Really don't get the Wicker Man comparisons beyond a few superficial similarities. Totally different vibe and controlling idea. This feels closer to Texas Chainsaw in a lot of ways, honestly. And Hereditary is more clearly a ripoff of Rosemary's Baby amirite? 

Speaking of which I very much prefer this over Aster's debut. I've seen Midsommar twice as many times already.

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