Hamilton ★★★★★

Gonna give anyone curious, also known as nobody, a look into how I rate most of my films. 

Hamilton is an intriguing choice to rate, I’ll attempt to take into account many different aspects that usually don’t appear when just a film. 

The normal rating scale for a movie goes something like this 

___/50 : Personal Enjoyment 
___/25 : Casting 
___/15 : Camera Work 
___/10 : Soundtrack 
I then choose the nearest star based on this scale, 0-30 1/2 star, 30-40 1 Star, 40-50, 1.5 stars, 50-60 2.5 stars, 60-70, 3 stars, 70-75 3.5 stars, 75-85 4 stars, 85-95 4.5 Stars, and 95-100 5 stars. 

However, Hamilton, similar to the other broadway shows I’ve been blessed enough to see, needs a new form of rating, so today, I’ll change those numbers up a bit.

___/50 : Soundtrack 
___/20 : Personal Enjoyment 
___/20 : Casting 
___/10 : Camera Work 

I’ll start with the casting, some personal favorites of mine were Leslie Odom Jr., Phillipa Soo, Daveed Diggs, Jonathon Groff, and Anthony Ramos. Those stood out to me, although everyone involved did a fantastic job.
The best part about the casting is that it was clear when the actors and actresses switched roles, one note of which I was scared for in the beginning, possible conflating the multiple people they were about to play.  
Verdict: 19/20

Next I’ll go with camera work. I was expecting one of a few things, either a weird upward shot from a balcony in the center, a spot in the audience where you’d just see the stage, or a weird zoomed in angle where you couldn’t always see everything. To my thorough enjoyment, the camera work on this was exceptional, each zoom was set perfectly to show emotion, the movement of those on stage was documented so well, truly great work. 
Camera Work: 10/10

Personal Enjoyment came up here, and let me tell you I did love this one. I knew going into it that I was going to be happy, but it really blew me away. As someone who was fascinated with American history for the longest time, the film touched on a ton of topics I was familiar with. I knew about a ton of the events and actions touched on in the play, however what really drew me in was the acting of how the characters presented and carried themselves. A look into Washington’s leadership, Burr’s constant struggle with acceptance, Hamilton’s obsession with everything he did, that’s what really sold this one for me. 
Personal enjoyment: 20/20 

Finally the soundtrack. Let me preface this by saying most of this is something I can listen to without seeing the play, which I deem a positive thing, very enjoyable, but most broadway shows have incredibly enjoyable soundtracks. What sets this apart for me is the mix of R&B, ballads, and rap, a unique and interesting look into the way we make many shows, and a new way to connect to a wider, younger, and more diverse market. Now, there were a few points in which I didn’t love the music happening, some mixing of songs that I didn’t think worked together. Aside from that little note, I would say as a whole it was wonderful. 
Soundtrack 48/50

Final grade that comes about in this is a 97/100, one of my top 7, which also gets me really excited for future endeavors into this new genre of movie. One thing that I really loved is the ability to finally see a play which I’ve been itching to go to for years, just didn’t really have the ability to drop the bag on. I think a future in this genre will be lucrative, but also something that we as people can really enjoy, and Disney can make a new name for its already massive empire. 

Anyways, if you made it this far idk why, but thanks for listening