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  • Tower



    August 1, 1966: It was a serene and hot Texas day. Claire Wilson and Thomas Eckman amble across the University of Texas. They want to make it back to their car before it’s ticketed. Then, a sudden jolt and Claire collapses to the floor. Before the world becomes clear again, there’s another resounding crack and Thomas falls to the ground next to her — he doesn’t speak again. Claire lays on the blistering cement, unborn baby in her stomach, as…

  • It



    What a way to start my favorite month of the year. As a Constant Reader, I feel so blessed to have this adaptation of Stephen King's It. It's unsettling, heartwarming, and oozes with King's DNA in a way few of his adaptations have been able. Few horror movies can claim this mastery of pacing.

    I definitely see myself falling more in love with this as time goes on and I can't wait to spend more time with The Losers.

    4/5 Gazebos

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  • The Neon Demon

    The Neon Demon


    “Am I staring?”

    In a culture demanded to perform, we are all staring. Peering around every corner. Scavenging through every crevice. Yearning for that . . . thing. We are all Audience. We are all Performer. Every second of our waking lives is spent inside this simple dichotomy, dungeoned by an eidolon of the perfect self. The Neon Demon, frames this in one simple question: Are you food, or are you sex?

    With The Neon Demon, Nicolas Winding Refn ambles…

  • Collateral



    After Chappie ruined cinema for me, Collateral reclaimed the medium with two steady shots to the gut and one to the head. It's beautiful, slick, yet just clumsy enough to make everything feel grounded and earnest. This is one stellar screenplay, steadily paced, and performed to perfection, Cruise, in particular. Please watch this. It's nothing like the typical thriller you're expecting. If I have one complaint, the third act is a little too neat for a film this measured. 4.5/5 Dead Guys on Subways