Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills  is done in by a lot of goofy dialogue meant to sound “important" (all of it trailer-bait type stuff), a confusing mismatch of Michael Myers as both hidden stalker and brash Terminator, an incomplete lunkheaded “mob mentality bad” moral lesson, and what feels like two days on set for Jamie Lee Curtis.

It is significantly busier and bloodier than its predecessor but in an action movie sorta way, with at least one kill that is downright slapstick in its execution (if you'll pardon the pun).

The deck is already stacked against a movie the audience knows has another sequel standing by, so add "no narrative tension" to its list of flaws, which includes (but is not limited to) a lack of a discernible plot.

A few ideas strung together, an interesting (but never scary) kill or two, and not one but TWO scenes where (spoiler) an entire mob armed with assorted weapons is defeated, with minimal effort even, by Michael.

Halloween Shrugs.