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  • Real Genius

    Real Genius


    This is a movie I feel I could have never written for. I've sucked at quite a few science classes I've taken at school (I've said for many years my favorite type of science is "Weird Science"). With that said, this movie KNOWS that the intended audience will probably not understand a lot of the complicated science in here. So instead of dumbing it down, they show and explain the science in a way that's smarter than average, but still…

  • The Purple Rose of Cairo

    The Purple Rose of Cairo


    I'll admit, this is the first Woody Allen film I've seen that I REALLY enjoyed. I liked "Annie Hall" but consider it to be a little overrated (maybe I'm in need of a rewatch though); "Stardust Memories" was good but not very memorable; I didn't like "Zelig" all that much even though I liked the unique premise; I think "Antz" is quite underrated, and I would label it a Woody Allen film since he voices the main character and, though…

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  • Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie

    Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie


    I've loved this show for MANY years now. I love these characters, the tone, the setting, the writing, all of it. For years this movie had been planned to be a theatrical release, but then was unfortunately scrapped in favor of the 2002 film "Hey Arnold: The Movie" and never saw any greenlight. Then Nick came around to make it a TV movie, and here it finally is. This did not disappoint, this was AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, FUNNY, SUSPENSEFUL, EVERYTHING I…

  • Little Miss Sunshine

    Little Miss Sunshine


    This is one of the best dramedies I've seen in a while. It really balances out the two genres really well: there were times when I was laughing and smiling, even when they were set up as serious scenes. Only once or twice did it lean a little too much into real drama, but that is nothing but a miniscule nitpick because I LOVED this movie. I particularly adore the script because it's in a way where I feel I…