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  • Limitless



    This movie's premise keeps it intriguing throughout: the thought of being able to have access to all of your brain and recall anything to your advantage at any moment. The film also benefits from focusing on both sides of this scenario, the positives and negatives. Bradley Cooper really does a great job in this movie, as he has to portray so many different personalities and sides to this character throughout the movie. He may start out shy, but then become…

  • Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events

    Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events


    I'll just say right now I've never read the books or watched any of the Netflix TV show (despite a friend telling me I really should, if for nothing else Neil Patrick Harris is in it), so I went into this movie knowing only as much as the trailer showed me. It's a really good, dark family film (I guess it is, but I feel like this was aimed more at teens). Another great thing is you can go into…

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  • The Brave Little Toaster

    The Brave Little Toaster


    I just watched this movie for the first time after wanting to see it for so long...and I LOVED it. If you've never seen or heard of this movie before, you might be thinking, "What could possibly be so admirable about this film that sounds like it's aimed at preschoolers?!" Well, let me tell you: though the cover and title may sound appealing to strictly younger kids, this film is dark, gritty, and actually very clever. It's about a bunch…

  • Cats Don't Dance

    Cats Don't Dance


    There are many praiseworthy aspects about this film. For one, the animation is GORGEOUS. The angles, the colors, the fluency, it's all wonderful! I found myself really liking a lot of these characters, such as the goat, the elephant/mammoth, and the turtle. You've probably seen characters with these attitudes and personalities in other shows and movies, but the vocal performances given to each one of them is what makes it work here. The villains, Darla Dimple and Max, are a…