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  • Lady with Red Hair

    Lady with Red Hair


    Biopic of the headstrong and driven theatre star Mrs. Leslie Carter makes and continually repeats the assertion that she needs a domineering man to achieve greatness

  • Faithful in My Fashion

    Faithful in My Fashion


    A strange film now that must have been even stranger to audiences in 1946 - returning soldier expects everything to be the same, with high hopes for marrying the girl he left behind, but she left him behind in pursuing here department store career and a relationship with the store’s owner. Like so many films of the immediate post war years the implicit message is that returning to normalcy requires women to sacrifice the material social and economic gains they…

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  • Rocketman



    Taron Egerton gives a heartfelt and unflinching performance; well-scripted and paced until the predictable and plodding last quarter drags brings what had been an innovative magical realist musical biopic back down to earth. Seanless integration of most Elton’s hits is most impressive bit, or maybe second best behind the incredible costumes.

  • The Happy Thieves

    The Happy Thieves


    Uninspired heist film has some fun but mostly gets dragged down by plot and fails to achieve its potential - could have been a fun and thrilling European romp like Charade or To Catch a Thief. Rex Harrison phones it in and Rita Hayworth is off her game.