Annette ★★★★

It's all fake. It's all so fake. You're a performer. Your wife's a performer. Your child's a puppet. You don't know the name of your closest friend. You sing to convince yourself of lies. You won't even swear to tell the truth in court. Your storms are rear projections. Your nightmares are double exposures. You know you're being watched. You hide behind everything. It's not you, it's the alcohol. It's not you, it's the performance. That's what you say. But it's all you. Your act is that of provocation because you are a provocateur. Your act is mean and audacious because that is who you are. Your excuses are increasingly thin and there's no one left to believe you and you have nothing left to love.

But oh how the artifice crumbles. Can beauty come from it yet? Maybe this isn't your story at all. Maybe it's Annette's.

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