A Quiet Place Part II

A Quiet Place Part II ★★★★½

"There are people out there. People worth saving"

A Quiet Place 2, arguably creates a great template for a sequel film whilst still managing to honour it's beginnings. The story explores the themes that monsters aren't the only things that lurk in the shadows.

I'd regard this film as one of the more anticipated pre-pandemic films and the delay certainly paid off. The movie starts off with a mixture of flashbacks, I liked that we get to see the initial first contact with the creatures and then dives straight into the aftermath of the original film.

I won't delve too much into spoilers, but Krasinski masterfully manages to co-ordinate two and sometimes three stories in parallel to build the tension that was all so evident in the first film and often surpassed in this one. As well as the run and gun monster action, there is some heartfelt scenes and dialogue.

I was glad to see that the kids, especially Simmonds' character in Regan had maintained her growth from the previous film. It's quite common for this genre to have characters making dumb decisions but she evidently doesn't and that's due to the high stakes environment created by this universe. She's also under a lot of pressure to become an adult after the events from the previous film and the impact of that allows for the story to progress from her perspective. Not to mention the way the dialogue is presented through ASL just goes to show how important representation matters.

Cillian Murphy as the newcomer Emmet is a welcomed addition. Being a seasoned actor, his performance is really impactful and together with Blunt really drive the story forward.

Kransinski utilises a range of different styles of scenary, no longer is the world subjected to darkness when the creatures come out. The cinematography and sound design is also quite good, the use of music was woven into the plot smartly. I really enjoyed the third act, especially the studio scenes. The lighting and effects worked brilliantly with the the sense of tension and maintaining silence.

In all, A Quiet Place 2 is a worthy sequel that progresses the plot from the previous film whilst building up the tension simultaneously in the way that the story is presented. For such a simple plot, the direction and screenplay is really well crafted and the movie turns out to be quite a ride from start to finish. Though this film may leave room for another sequel, it is not necessary as it could potentially fall into the trap of one too many due to the continual use of the same ideas and themes.

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