Chocky's Challenge

Chocky's Challenge ★★★½

Chocky's Challenge follows the events of Chocky and Chocky's Children, with child prodigy Albertine and freaky alien Chocky continuing their quest to help mankind despite all the obvious signs mankind just ain't ready. Matthew, the hero of the first two series, pops up but there's nothing for him to do. Even more problematically-possessed children show up, and we actually see progress on Chocky's plans. Let's just hope Chocky is the benefactor she's always claimed, or things could get real bad real quick.

Chocky's Challenge is the Batman Forever of the Chocky trilogy, but it's not quite Batman & Robin. At one point in the first episode, things go so far off the rails that I was convinced it was all a dream. My main complaint is the way characters keep passing around the idiot ball. Basic vetting, security, and file backups would have removed every source of drama. And rather than growing up with its audience, this installment spells everything out. These vague, unsettling dramas lose a lot of their magic when everything gets explained.

But if you enjoyed Chocky and Bride of Chocky, you should still totally watch Chocky III: The Chockening. Based on the crazy series installment naming convention, they should bring Chocky back for a fourth series named Chocky: Resurrection.

Credit to TheNinthHeart for putting this on my radar.

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