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  • Jurassic World

    Jurassic World


    Second viewing, this time in IMAX 3D.
    My enjoyment was exactly the same, a thoroughly entertains film.
    I'm not a fan of 3D and never usually watch it but I had seen CA: Winter Soldier in IMAX 3D and was very impressed. However, it didn't seem the same for Jurassic World, it added nothing for me.
    I will be seeing it for a third time.

  • Jurassic World

    Jurassic World


    I genuinely can't understand these 1 and 2 Star reviews.
    Jurassic World is fantastic, I haven't been so exhilarated watching a film in the cinema for years. It was perfectly paced with regular punchy action scenes rather than long, specifically timed set-pieces. The lead performers did a great job, the kids were utilised just enough. There was a lot of negativity before release saying it looked like a remake, it's nothing of the kind - the nods to the other…

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  • Psycho II

    Psycho II


    I sometimes wonder what reaction the person who first said "Let's make Psycho II" got. Probably shocked faces and a slap in the face.
    But someone find that guy and shake his freakin' hand.

    Psycho II is a great example of what a true sequel should be, take the story from the original and expand on it, take it in a new direction - don't just repeat it.
    We, the viewer, had some level of sympathy for Norman in the…

  • Alien³



    I think that the vast majority of film fans would consider this to be underrated and they're correct. It really is very good and its power has grown over the years.
    The whole build up works perfectly, we get to understand what this prison planet is about and the odd yet balanced relationship between the characters becomes clear.
    Much has been said about the killing off of Newt and Hicks, it is a shame but it helps re-establish Ripley's…