The Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger ★★★½

This film has me baffled!
Baffled because I can't work out what all this negative fuss is about. Why has the film reviewing community turned its back on it and not given it a chance?

This film is good fun, it's as simple as that. It looks fantastic, it's funny, it's got some great old school action.
Fair enough there are flaws such as a meandering plot, no consistantly clearly defined villain, under-used characters and it is way too long.
But for some reason those flaws are overshadowed by a pure sense of fun and it's that fun that in my opinion has been missing from other Summer action films such as the godawful po-faced Wolverine.

I've read many comments regarding Johnny Depp's performance and appearance not being a traditional take on Tonto. Well maybe not but it shouldn't matter to non-purists as he does a great job here. He's funny, charming and a joy to watch. His part doesn't work so well in the linking pieces where he's somehow in a circus Wild West show telling a young boy the story. Arnie Hammer is competent but not totally commanding, though I feel if there's a sequel he'll grow into the role.
The always reliable William Fichtner is gloriously dirty and wicked.
Helena Bonham-Carter is not only incomprehensible but wasted, she has ten minutes screen time then disappears for nearly 2 hours. Likewise Ruth Wilson is wasted in a poorly developed role which is a shame.

Yet the film is, like I said, great fun. Maybe the Wild West setting and traditional hero makes a welcome change from comic book superheroes or mutants. Although there is CGI it's not overpowering or intrusive. The end train chase sequence is wonderfully energetic and the Lone Ranger theme that accompanies it will have you smiling from ear to ear.

Don't listen to the film-snobs, just go and enjoy a good old fashioned adventure - but maybe only the once.

EDIT: I've been thinking about The Lone Ranger a lot overnight and totally stick to my review apart from my last statement regarding seeing it just the once. I actually want to see it again, so please ignore that last part - see it again and again and again if you like.

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