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  • Allegoria



    I enjoy horror anthologies. Even when they are hit or miss, there’s usually a story or two that stands out even in lackluster anthologies. Allegoria is frustrating because all stories are consistently mediocre. The Mortuary Collection benefited from a consistent tone from one filmmaker but here it’s to the film’s detriment.

    I appreciate the idea of the stories being centered around artists and the things they dedicate their lives to leading to the destruction of themselves and others. It’s unfortunate…

  • Nope



    IMAX round 2

    Favorite Jordan Peele movie hands down, even better on a rewatch. I loved Get Out but it certainly had a formula it was following. Us was well made but lacked narrative focus. Nope is an exciting blockbuster because it’s completely original, packed with subtext, and just plain thrilling!

    I wish we got more movies like this. The market is over saturated with stale franchises. The way to fix that is to go out and support movies like…

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  • Malignant



    Malignant is a ton of fun and so much better than the trailers made it look. This is James Wan’s love letter to giallo and slasher films. The marketing didn’t convey that the film is a campy ride. It’s silly in a very intentional way. The opening sequence does a spectacular job at setting the tone with over the top acting, kinetic camera work, and the setting of a spooky hospital on a hill.

    I wish the entire movie stayed…

  • Spencer



    What a huge surprise! I wasn’t expecting this to be bad but I also wasn’t expecting it to be one of the best films of the year.

    Kristen Stewart gives the best performance I’ve seen so far this year. The score by Johnny Greenwood is magnificent and amplifies the anxiety of the film. The cinematography is downright gorgeous, every shot feels so carefully composed. This is the best looking movie of the year so far as well.

    The more I…