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  • Fitzcarraldo



    a few truly stellar moments but this is largely a film that avoids admitting how boneheaded it is. part of me thinks herzog knows this but couldn’t bring himself to accept it and/or translate that to the text. it’s about a guy with a big boat and he has to get it over a big hill. both are big, you see. very big. some other stuff happens but what’s really important is how BIG-

  • The Old Guard

    The Old Guard


    the soundtrack is insanely bad, the action has flashes of genius but is cut to shit, and the script is on autopilot. and YET this feels ten times more fun though most superhero fare chiefly because the characters and the lore are a hoot. wish more dumb movies would realize that’s all you need! 

    also everyone is very hot

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  • Cats



    glad to know what my personal hell looks like. tom hooper is a war criminal and this is probably the worst movie ever made, will need to ruminate further on our cultural sins to land firmly on that. at least it’s good for a horrified laugh?

  • Where'd You Go, Bernadette

    Where'd You Go, Bernadette


    Would be completely unbearable if not for Blanchett. I've never been a big Linklater fan, but even I am bummed out at how commercial his directing style has become. This thing looks and feels like an expensive Lifetime movie about rich white people problems. It was better off on the shelf at the airport bookstore.

    If you want audio proof of how insane this movie drove me, you can hear more about it on our Cate Blanchett episode of Breakout.