Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad ★★

Imagine that you are super excited to eat your one and only favorite food after a long time of not eating it and full of anticipation! Once your favorite food is there, right in front of you, the people who gave it to you decide to give you more food than what you've already wanted and left some things out of your favorite food that made it so special. Despite that, you are having the time of your life eating it and coming out of that meal extremely happy, satisfied, and wanting to come back for more. But overtime, all the combinations of the food you ate are now in your stomach and you begin to feel so sick, that you feel very bad for even eating it. And then you spend the following days feeling very depressed and sick because of your meal, but then you will soon forget about it and go on with your everyday life.

That was my experience with Suicide Squad in a nutshell.

🎶 All my friends are heathens, take it slow. The movie this song comes from really blows. It's full of negative reviews. Believe me, they are telling the truth. 🎶