Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame ★½

"Infinity War set the bar so high!! Certainly it can at least match that, right?"


Endgame takes the incredible buildup of IW and responds to it with, really, no response. They're more focused on making a YouTube style montage with "hilarious jokes" than they are on actually making a good movie, resulting in 2 characters completely turning into jokes, and only a handful of characters getting the glory they deserve.

Ambitious? Sure. Trying to fit so many characters into one film is hard to tackle in itself, and they do achieve that in various ways in this movie. But Infinity War was ambitious, and remained cohesive and (mostly) tonally even with some jaw dropping memorable moments. I came out of the 3 hour Endgame and had forgotten most of it 10 minutes later. Not that that matters, since they were more focused on saying "remember this?" than they were "remember this."