While We're Young ★★½

A lighter Baumbach film. It’s not as harsh as some of his other films in terms of characters and how they interact with each other. 

I connected with the two main characters lack of association with any particular group or click of people the same way I connected with GG in Frances Ha as a character just kinda drifting. 

The plot kinda drags on but it definitely kept me more interested than The Meyerowitz Series(which was badddddd). 

Moving from Ayahuasca ceremonies to colonoscopies in one sentence is this movie in a nutshell. 

I can’t tell if NB hates my generation or loves it. 

In terms of the larger plot, disappointing in how simple of a film this is. Usually NB is amazing at creating these complex characters whereas I didn’t feel that way about this. There were a lot of cliche’s built into this pretty simple film. 

The whole second half kinda sucked, too Hollywood.