Solo: A Star Wars Story ★★★½

Despite the shit show that was the production of this film, Solo delivers a fun, surprisingly good ride.  It’s not without its flaws, there are a few references and in-jokes that I found a bit too on the nose and the plot was a bit by-the-numbers.  In spite of that, it’s still quite an achievement.

Upon the announcement of this film I was very skeptical.  I didn’t want Han to go the way of Anakin in the prequels.  However the Kasdans’ script and Ehrenreich’s performance are true to the character we were introduced to in that cantina all those years ago.  And shout out to Donald Glover who is excellent as Lando.

While this is the least excited I’ve ever been for a Star Wars movie, I ended up having a blast.  I found this more enjoyable than the previous stand-alone film.  I’m a bit more excited for the newly-announced Boba Fett movie as a result.

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