Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills ★★★½

“This was a safe place and now it’s not anymore.”

My love for the ‘78 Halloween is always solidified in its final moments when Laurie, having stared evil in the face, reckons with the fact that she will never feel safe in this world again. Even in the presence of light, she now fears the dark. 

Apropos that, every sequel in this series was at its strongest when it examined the legacy of trauma, and the screenplay for Kills hits all the right notes on that front.  There’s also some interesting stuff in here about the dangers of mob mentality and hysteria, but a lot of it feels incomplete. I have to assume that this stuff will be picked up and tied off in the finale. 

Characters make indefensibly stupid choices, which I’m trying very hard to convince myself was intentional and part of the general idea being expressed that people act stupid when shit hits the fan. There’s also a lot of clunky line delivery — mainly from the brought-back original characters — that straight up ruin several sequences and turn what could be legitimately frightening into something that’s bound to make snot-nosed kids in the audience burst out laughing. 

I’ll be transparent and say that there was almost zero chance that I wouldn’t love this movie. I’ve endured too many bad sequels from too many writers/directors who either didn’t *get it* or just didn’t care to not appreciate every second of screen time I get from Green. 

Shoutout to the practical effects and makeup team. 

The opening is a scorcher. 

Very much looking forward to Ends. Not so much looking forward to possibly having to defend this entry for the rest of my life.

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