Batman Forever

Batman Forever ★★★★

"Batman? Batman, you say? Coming for you? I'm... COUNTING ON IT!"

Yes, I goddamn love this movie.

I like my Batman gothic and silly, I like my Batman dark and depressing and I like my Batman campy and fun.

It may be the stupidest thing ever, but when you have Jim Carrey going this far over the top and Tommy Lee Jones being so committed to being so terrible, it's never dull.

Val Kilmer is a fine Keaton stand-in, Michael Gough is a warm presence (and he stays away from the pizzas in this one) and it's visually fun a lot of the time, when the CGI doesn't look terrible.

Joel Schumacher isn't a bad director. He makes good movies and, despite this being one of his worst quality-wise, it's one of my favourites and definitely one of his most enjoyable efforts.

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