Dante's Peak ★★★★

"I move around a lot... Colombia, Guatemala, the Philippines, Mexico, New Zealand, New Guinea... wherever there's a volcano with an attitude."

For many people, he still remains the definitive James Bond, but Pierce Brosnan will always be geologist Harry Dalton to me.

Films like Dante Peak are generally judged by how well they can blow shit up, and in Dante's Peak, shit blows up real good.

Brosnan and Linda Hamilton share decent chemistry and create likeable characters, but Roger Donaldson knows exactly what everyone is here to see, delivering expertly crafted disaster action in spades.

Sure, it's a bit dumb and derivative, but for what it is, a disaster film about a massive volcanic eruption, Dante's Peak delivers. In the '90's disaster stakes, it doesn't sit quite as high as Independence Day, Armageddon or Twister, but definitely several steps above stuff like Deep Impact or Volcano.

It's simply big, dumb fun with emphasis on the fun.

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