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  • Oblivion



    It was love at first sight with Oblivion all those years ago in the theatre; enough so that I tried to delve headfirst into a proper review but failed spectacularly as I ended up with a shell of a review that failed to really deliver anything meaningful. It was deleted after a few weeks up on my site. Perhaps that review ran a parallel with the actual film: Oblivion is pure style with very little substance. It borrows heavily from…

  • City Slickers

    City Slickers


    This one hit me a bit harder than I thought it would. Putting City Slickers on having not seen it in upwards of twenty five years, I was expecting a bit of a light comedy on a Sunday evening to round out the weekend; but it was different than I had remembered it as a child: it was relevant to my age. Indeed, Billy Crystal's character and group of friends are experiencing a pre-middle aged crisis of sorts as they…

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  • Homefront



    I didn’t even see Franco’s glaring mug at the bottom of the poster for Homefront: seeing his name in the opening credits brought a chortled laugh, but then the names kept coming. Winona Ryder. Kate Bosworth. Clancy Brown. Frank Grillo! Screenplay by Sylvester Stallone! What madness have I draped myself into, this quiet, cold Sunday January evening. With the popcorn sufficiently covered in seasoning and a cold soda on the end table, I continued my journey into the neglected, unwatched…

  • The Descent: Part 2

    The Descent: Part 2


    Any sequel to The Descent was going to have a hard time, so expectations going into this were fairly low. Indeed, I didn't even know this movie existed; I had seen The Descent at home long after release and it became an instant classic and put away as a film too scary to watch again. Not necessarily because the horror of the creatures, but moreso the claustrophobic passages and situations the women find themselves in. I shudder just thinking about…

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  • The Slammin' Salmon

    The Slammin' Salmon

    I'm not sure what saddened me more: that The Slammin' Salmon was MIA from my radar until just recently, or how disappointing the film was after I watched it. If you look at the timeline, this seems like the film that ground Broken Lizard to a halt, regardless if they are capable of so much more.

    The jokes felt old and worn out.

    While Broken Lizard films have never had very strong plots - they are light hearted films, after all - the plot here was uninspired and a real drag. I found myself checking my phone too many times during the short run time.

  • Song of the Sea

    Song of the Sea


    What an incredible, beautiful and touching film. The animation, colours and style are perfectly balanced with the fantastical story that contains enough layers to not only warrant multiple viewings, but also offers something to all age groups. Don't be afraid to get emotional here as you fall headfirst into this film.

    Brilliant stuff.