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  • Sex, Lies, and Videotape

    Sex, Lies, and Videotape

    Impressively controlled and precise writing job coupled with a functionary visual style abetted by sleight of hand cutting.

  • Blonde Venus

    Blonde Venus

    Such a racy start—to such a buttoned down revue of one superstar's varied egos—makes me think the movie is about nakedness, to say vulnerability.

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  • Bastards


    Stunning. As angry and bleak as 35 Rhums is full of love, a perfect b-side siren stomp.

    Furthermore, I don't know another filmmaker who thinks in images in anything close to the same way as Denis does. She has her own grammar, an inflection to admire that invites curious eyes. Every image is used for its affective weight, primarily, but she weds them to story in such a lucid way that it all accrues as steady as the ocean's tide laps up, up high.

  • Saint Laurent

    Saint Laurent

    So many delirious and delicious images, it's not fair; but it is also the closest thing to a truly elegant spectacle of life's pleating. More than once I thought: words are so less satisfying than sensations.