Home Alone ★★★★½

Merry Christmas Everyone! - Film #18 - Home Alone

Here's the thing with Home Alone, it's probably one of the most recognisable family films ever. Does it deserve this, I think so. Not a lot of people do though, which surprised me. Many people say that once they watch it again as a grown up they find it stupid and unfunny. I still find this hilarious. Kevin McCallister is a kid that gets accidentally left behind by his family when they go to Paris for the holidays. He thinks it's awesome at first, but there's burglars going around his neighbourhood and they're planning on robbing his house. What does he do? He puts them through hell and I couldn't stop laughing. Culkin is surprisingly good for his age in this film, he's not annoying and he doesn't ruin the film. Harry and Marv were always funny when I was younger and I thought that they might be very silly in this film but they are good opponents for Kevin, and what happens to them and how they deal with it is amazing. The film is very funny throughout, one of the scenes that I remembered fondly was when Marv goes to check on the house and Kevin sees him, puts on the video tape and Marv thinks someone's getting shot at, Marvs reaction is great. But when we get to the Kevin's plan to save his house, the film gets hilarious and I just couldn't stop laughing until the end. Definitely still one of my favourite Christmas movies.

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