Mauvais Sang ★★★½

Here's the thing with Mauvais Sang (The Night Is Young), it's Leos Carax's second film and I enjoyed it a whole lot more than his first. Not only did I enjoy it more, I thought it was a more interesting story and I thought that the cinematography was even more beautiful. There's not a lot to the story and not a lot happens for a long period of the film but I was captivated the whole way through thanks to the acting and just how beautiful I thought the film was. There's scenes in this movie where I just couldn't take my eyes off the screen, one scene inparticular is a scene that has David Bowie playing over it.

We follow a young man named Alex. He's in a relationship and he's living his life the way he wants. He earns money from conning people and he's known for having fast hands. He lives in a world where a sexually transmitted disease is infecting a lot of people and he teams up with a few guys and a girl to pull off a heist.

Now that synopsis is technically the film but it's honestly very compelling. The film started off and right from the start I was interested. The acting is great, the man who plays Alex was very good and by the end of the film I really liked his character. We also have a young Julie Delpy and Juliette Binoche and they also are great to watch. The story was always interesting and I was never bored and it's thanks to the great acting and the beautiful cinematography. The colours in this film popped out and every shot was amazing to look out. That David Bowie scene that I mentioned earlier was like one continuous shot and we follow the character running and it was very well done. The soundtrack in this was also very good. The ending was great but I wouldn't have minded if it ended another way. It's emotional and a bit depressing but the film is still enjoyable. I did find this an interesting watch and I was entertained throughout the whole film. This was Leos Carax's second feature film and he shows that he learned and expanded on his directing skill.

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