Falling Down ★★★★

“You think I’m a thief? Oh, you see, I’m not the thief. I’m not the one charging 85 cents for a *stinking* soda! You’re the thief. I’m just standing up for my rights as a consumer.” - William Foster

William Foster (Douglas) just had enough, this middle age frustrating loser is deep down in the ditch. He got a divorce and his wife has put him in a restraining order, making his being jobless a lot more painful because he couldn’t see his daughter. Falling Down is a film in which, depression, disappointments, anger and violence are perfectly crafted through the hands of Joel Schumacher. “Falling Down” might be a bit outdated today and ridiculous too, but in my opinion, it’s a great and interesting character study, a psychologically-relevant one on how a man breaks down when he feels that life isn’t friendly anymore. All the negative outbursts are still make common sense until today. Note that William Foster’s license plate is D-Fens, an irony to his former position as a defense engineer and also his being defenseless in controlling his emotional breakdown. Watch as this D-Fens gradually terrorize the neighborhood.