Master of the Flying Guillotine ★★★

Master of the Flying Guillotine is definitely a classic Chinese Kungfu gem, a sequel of One-Armed Boxer (Wang Yu). Even though this is categorized as a B movie with crappy special effects on the flying guillotine, Master of the Flying Guillotine displayed creative fight choreography. It tells the story of Fung Sheng Wu Chi, a blind warrior who tried to avenge the death of his students Chow Fu and Chow Lung who were killed by One-Armed Boxer (Wang Yu).

The flying guillotine is an amazing weapon. Folded up, it is about the size of a soda can. When ready, it looks like a bowl with blades on the inside and outside of the opening. The weapon is hurled as one would a frisbee and will drop down over the target’s head like a beekeeper’s hood. When the thrower pulls hard on the retaining chain, the victim’s head is cut off and the flying guillotine returns to its owner. It is not the sort of thing you put in the hands of a violent blind monk.