Requiem for a Dream ★★★★

Creepy, raw, rough, fascinating, original and masterful. That's "Requiem for a Dream", a film by its subject and for its unique way of telling things to remember Danny Boyle's masterpiece "Trainspotting" but in a much more intense and raw. After the success of "Pi", Aronofsky made a surprising return with this unique, tough and intense story about the experience of drug addiction and dreams. Requiem For A Dream is a brilliant film about drug addiction. The story revolves around four characters, Sara Goldfarb (Ellen Burstyn), her son Harry (Jared Leto), Harry's girlfriend, Marion Silver (Jennifer Connelly), and Harry's best buddy, Tyrone C. Love (Marlon Wayans) whom each of them is ultimately destroyed by drug-addiction and self-delusion. The moral of the story is that drugs will slowly take our lives, keeping us apart from our loved ones.