The Whistleblower ★★★★

This film centers on the “bad” side of the UN Security Force stationed in Bosnia right after the Bosnian war finished. It is told from the perspective of female police officer from the United States, Kathryn Bolkovac, played very well by Rachel Weisz. Nevertheless, if you expect to see the lots of action scenes normally found in films about espionage or action-packed thrillers in general, then you would be disappointed since it depicts more on the life in Bosnia after the collapse of Yugoslavia. This film cleverly visualizes the figure of Kathryn Bolkovoc with her noble ideals, her desire to help a war-devastated nation to get back on its two feet. She has seen enough mafia sex slavery and human trafficking. The worst part is that this syndicate is made available to satisfy the sexual needs of the UN workers. This business, ironically is protected by the members of the Security Forces of the United Nations.

This film is an adaptation of a true story, an interesting film to watch and learn by those who are in favor of humanitarian issues. I’ve shed my innocent tears many times to the fact on how they treat those women like nothing but a piece of worthless meat, both physically and psychologically. Rachel Weisz plays her role really well!