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  • The Clock

    The Clock



    My memory is like sieve, but I believe I saw, in no particular order:

    Le samourai
    Evil Dead
    Picnic at hanging rock
    Mary poppins
    North by Northwest
    Diamonds are forever
    Leningrad cowboys
    Shirley valentine
    One hour photo
    + a ton of others I have no idea about but now have to see
    too many rolexes
    and a burning ds :(

    a real film spotters delight
    wonderful editing and sound bridging
    some amazing juxtaposed cross cuts and…

  • Gasbags



    I must admit l'm completely unfamiliar with the crazy gang, and I had a hard time with them to be honest, then Moore Marriott turned up and things got a bit better and then they started singing..... when everyone was trying to sleep what the fuq was that all about ?
    but then it really picked up
    aye aye taxi !!!!

Popular reviews

  • Mississippi Burning

    Mississippi Burning


    exceptionally difficult to watch
    as nothing seems to have changed, unfortunately
    made easier to view by Alan Parker's assured direction and some wonderful cinematography
    the cars and trucks are just beautiful
    shining star goes to Frances McDormand
    ably supported by stand out performances from Hackman and Dafoe
    ..... did I mention the impala ?

  • Free Fire

    Free Fire


    so far I've only seen Sightseers which I found hilariously dark and wonderful, by Mr Wheatley and this lived up to the mark on those fronts too
    sparkling satire punctuated by some wonderful wit and some brilliant bespoke sound design
    each ricochet is a character in itself, as are the beautiful vehicles
    lovely sense of detail throughout
    Sharlto Copley twice in a row - yep I'm now a fan, although it helps knowing and having to work with a few…