The Lair of the White Worm

The Lair of the White Worm ★★★★

Where to start..... I too loathe snakes and have a morbid fear of them
I love this wonderful, trashy bit of folkloric camp comedy horror
When this came out I was at a tender age and this totally ticked every single one of my boxes.... mainly Ms Oxenburg in her M&S cacks and Ms Donohoe slinking about
Also need to mention the lovely landy swb IIa, the wonderfully serpentine E-type, the Morgan and the Morris Minor
With all these incredible ingredients how on earth can anything go possibly wrong ?
As I haven't seen it in a while I also recognised the sterling Ms Davis from recently watched Hope and Glory and also Mr Capaldi, although I thought it was Hugh Grant doing an impression of Harry Potter grown up initially
Other assorted musings:
Nice to see Mr Grant chugging down lots of Moët with absolute aplomb
Ms Oxenburg's 'immaculate' Yorkshire accent
Paul Brooke's sleepy village copper
Crikey - gossamer stockings
Cork pop dust mote
Wonderfully serpentine shades on Donohoe
Wonderfully hokey synths
Wonderful low wide angle
all the mens monobrows
Ra ra dresses
Those boots
Wonderfully wicked line
James's phone and the trent girls' hoover were all contemporary items our household owned
Berol pens
Kinky lot primitive man
Slither in
Tremendously trashy awesome stuff
Perfect Russell in his 80's Vestron groove

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