Avatar ★★★★½

Watched the theatrical cut. One thing I don’t understand is why there are so many cuts of Avatar: Theatrical; Extended; Special Edition - It’s Blade Runner (1982) all over again. anyway I watched the theatrical cut. I believe I did see the extended cut a few years ago but it sort of felt weird.

So I guess everyone’s heard of this film, it used to be the highest grossing film of all time. If they ever do a re-release I believe it could reclaim that title but that’s not Important right now. Yeah it revolutionised CGI and Motion Capture technology. It’s amazing how some of the CG still holds up really well today. I hope the sequel will be just as revolutionary when it comes to Mo-Cap (those underwater shots in the trailer look gorgeous). Anyway I’m pretty sure everyone knows how influential it was to the future of CGI but those damn shots looks so good I could just gush over them for ages. Ok moving on. 

I believe this is a film that’s meant to be seen in 3D. I never got to see in the cinemas in 3D, but saw it on my dads old 3D TV (Man I miss that thing) and it looked gorgeous. Each subsequent viewing in 2D doesn’t hold up as well and I felt like I was doing a disservice to the film. But unfortunately 2D is the only way people can view the film nowadays so I’ll just live with it until the next 3D Renaissance. (Avatar 2 everything’s up to you, don’t let me down)…

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