American Folk

American Folk ★★★★

American Folk shared as much authenticity as its creative counterpart in John Carney’s ‘Once.’ The intimacy of Once was lost a little with this outing though as it was a road trip of a larger scale to that of Carney’s film. However, it was still a beautiful and musically driven experience. 

Topped healthily by some newcomers to film, musicians Joe Purdy (who when it comes to singing a melody, can do no wrong) and Amber Rubarth, who I’ve only become familiar with now.

It wasn’t too dialogue heavy which also suited the film as some of the content was hit and miss. This didn’t take too much away from the viewing pleasure for me though as the leads are musicians and not established actors.

The music was the driving force of American Folk and what fine music it was. Once the songs kicked in, the film gained a lot more momentum and the journey had officially begun.

Props to the scenic shots captured on film and the side characters both Elliott and Joni met on their trip too.