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Watching Hitch

I'm going to try to watch every available remaining Alfred Hitchcock film in 2022. Watching in no particular order, just as the urge comes to me — also watching as many as I can in local theaters.

I have watched about 8-10 of them since summer of 2021, and about six or so since 2022 began. I'll ramp up as the year goes on, and populate the list with ones I've seen this calendar year. More on this to come as I think about it!

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  • The Man Who Knew Too Much
  • Lifeboat
  • The Birds
  • Foreign Correspondent
  • Dial M for Murder
  • Shadow of a Doubt
  • North by Northwest
  • Jamaica Inn
  • Rear Window
  • Saboteur
  • The Lady Vanishes
  • Rebecca
  • Vertigo
  • Suspicion