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  • Don't Breathe

    Don't Breathe


    Inexplicable easy break-ins into highly secured surroundings, dogs neutralized by intoxicated wieners, attempts to escape through ventilation shafts. Is this the first faithful movie adaptation of Hitman?

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  • The Murderers Are Among Us

    The Murderers Are Among Us


    Probably most powerful as a political statement in the time of its release (see title), this still is a very impressive little film that captures Germany just weeks after the war has ended in a haunting and vivid way. Especially Wilhelm Borcherts performance is really great and the ending is intense (in a good way).

  • Paris Calligrammes

    Paris Calligrammes


    Sure, it's a bit long. Sure, it's a lot of namedropping. And of course there are more reflective ways to talk about colonialism than just repeating "it was interesting to see so many different cultures in the city" for 20 minutes.
    But still, this love letter to 60s Paris with all its details and anecdotes got me and made me nostalgic to a time in which I wasn't even alive. For fans of Paris definitely worth a watch!

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