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  • Phoenix



    This has one of the best executed endings I have ever seen.

  • Detour



    Christopher Smith has always been a master of "smart dumb entertainment". Be it the innovative fun splatter "Severance", the tricky mindfuck thriller "Triangle" or the hilariously weird christmas comedy "Get Santa", all of his movies might look like relatively standard genre movies without deeper meaning but ultimately have these smart twists and ideas in their stories that make them stand out from the rest.

    On the first glance, thats the case for Detour, too. Telling the story of a young…

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  • Okja



    Fantastic! Surely, Bong Joon-Ho is again pretty obvious with it's message, but contrary to Snowpiercer, here it is pretty relevant and not as overused, also he really brings it to an end this time.

    Gyllenhaal is a bit too eccentric at times, but Tilda Swinton is great as always and Paul Danos performance is oscarworthy. Newcomer Seo-Hyun Ahn is pretty good, too.

    Additional to it's dramatic value and the important things it points out, Okja is incredibly entertaining and in…

  • The Invisible Guest

    The Invisible Guest


    The Invisible Guest is a fine and twisted spanish mystery thriller in the footsteps of Alfred Hitchcock that unfolds it's story in an unpredictable way. Even if the last twist was way too far-fetched, it is very entertaining and filmed with a good eye for the details.